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Hudevad Furniture is a leading Danish family-owned furniture company, producing high quality designer furniture.

Erik Kaastrup founded Danerka in 1985, since the start many of Danerkas products were produced at factories in Denmark run by the Jorgensen family. In 2011, the Jorgensen family acquired Danerka and moved its headquarters to their existing facilities on Funen in the heart of Denmark. Hudevad Furniture is well known for its centuries’ old tradition for furniture making, and Danerka became a part of this history when it was merged with the furniture factory started by Erik Jørgensen in 1967.

It is important for us to be able to pass on the proud Danish tradition for making high quality designer furniture, so the world also in the future can have authentic “Danish Design”. Thus, we have chosen to place our production locally, hence all frames, standard plastic parts, wrapping and packaging materials are being produced at local Danish sub-suppliers, and all wooden parts are produced at our own factory.

Local Danish production gives us several advantages in terms of both quality and environment. Apart from having to comply with some of the strictest environmental standards in the world - which reflects in our products’ environmental impact - manufacturing in Denmark also ensures a very consistent quality as we have a clear overview of the processes involved in our production. Furthermore, local production and sourcing provides us with a high degree of flexibility, enabling us to meet customers’ demands for individually tailored solutions quickly.

Our product portfolio is comprised of design from Erik Jørgensen, Susanne Grønlund and innovative Danish design from, among others, the young design duo mencke&vagnby who have shown that contemporary Danish design can also be on the edge without making compromises to functionality and simplicity.


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