Dette sier Hjelle:


LK Hjelle runs on family lines. Lars Karl Hjelle started it all in the 1940s, and today his grandson, Dag Hjelle, continues his legacy as owner and CEO. Our close cooperation with both young Norwegian and international designers, has made LK Hjelle known for innovative furniture design.

Ever since it was founded at the beginning of the 1940s, the factory – huddling between the Norwegian precipitous mountains and narrow fiords on the west coast – has been producing functional and beautiful furniture imbued with great passion. To LK Hjelle, Norwegian production and local suppliers are still a top priority. LK Hjelle underlines why: «We are proud to say that all our furniture is still made at our own factory in Sykkylven, Norway. We are convinced that it is only in this way that we can create and design beautiful, timeless Scandinavian pieces that will last for generations to come – in form, quality and comfort.»

Being a Norwegian family business producing furniture to an international market requires courage. Together with both Norwegian and international designers, Hjelle has launched several products that have aroused international interest during the last 15 years. Several of the products have been awarded, such as the Wallpaper* Design Award in the category Best Furniture for the sofa Ugo designed by Norway Says. Today some of the many pieces in LK Hjelle’s portfolio even stand out as design icons, sought after worldwide.


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